Friday, March 19, 2010

Swimming Clear

I have gone from three tough weeks of swimming to today, where I only swam 1500m. Whoooo hooooo that was fun! Jump in, swim hard, get out. I'm hoping I can do the same thing next week when I race.

The best part of swimming lately is that I can actually see everything underwater. Until I found Sable Water Optics goggles, I basically swam under the notion that unless I had a brand new pair of goggles, everything was just going to be foggy or blurry when I swim. I've been swimming in this same pair of Sable goggles for six months and everything is still super clear - just like in this picture - that's what I see underwater.

Sable is a small family-run company. I like that. If you need a pair of goggles check them out. And for those of you racing CA70.3 with me next weekend, the water is a balmy 57 degrees! Bring your warm wetsuits!