Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The German Coffee Machine

Hillary and Maik (also known as the GCM - that stands for German Cycling Machine, not to be confused with German Coffee Machine) were super gracious in letting Ian and I stay at their desert oasis while they were off racing the Abu Dhabi Tri.

Maik owns this amazing German Coffee Machine.

Day #1 - Ian and I just looked at it, scared to touch the beauty for fear we might break it.
Day #2 - I tried to press a few buttons, but nothing happened except for lights turning on.

Hillary sent an email encouraging us. "Use it! It's super easy and makes great coffee!"

Day #3 - Training was piling up and caffeine sounded like a great necessity. I think Ian's words were "Your job is to learn how to use that thing today!"

One would think I might know a bit of German since my coach is German. Unfortunately all I know is "Schnell!" (This means hurry! in German) And I can count to ten.

With Ian sitting in front of my laptop with the owner's manual along with Google Translator, we were able to produce this without breaking anything!

Thanks GCM and Hillary!