Friday, March 5, 2010

Charisa Holiday

Let the party begin. Today is my own personal holiday. Yesterday we had an office party. What's funny about this is that I'm not 35. We only have two candles in our office, so anytime someone has a birthday they are either 53 or 35. Next year it will be spot-on!

My holiday includes the following in no particular order: fresh-squeezed OJ, swimming, lunch with Mom, coffee with Ladybug, Presents!, time with Steven, dinner with friends, work (but really, how much does one work on their birthday??), sunshine, dessert, bicycles, laughing . . . 

I plan to stretch my holiday for the next week +. Saturday includes sleeping in and being lazy. Sunday includes a race where it is scheduled to rain (what's new?), and next week the 3 Musketeers are going for a little road trip to train in AZ.

Feel free to join me for Charisa Holiday wherever you are. It's a good excuse for a pretty fun day!