Sunday, March 7, 2010

2010 Desert International Triathlon Race Report

Steven is: awesome photographer, supporter extraordinaire, hilarious and my best friend.

Thankfully no rain on arrival.

Cedric was aerodynamically ready for his first race. He was not ready for the amount of rain that landed on him while strapped onto my stem with only a piece of bar tape behind him for comfort.

Moments before I started with the collegiate wave. College boys are not very forgiving to swim with. Pummeling of Charisa took place multiple times.

Steven is yelling at me to get up the hill. I'm laughing because my feet are not yet in my shoes and I almost tried to stand up, which would have resulted in my foot slipping off a shoe. This of course would result in some sort of slow-speed tip-over of bicycle and rider. I made it up the hill without tipping.

A huge thanks to Profile Design and QR for helping me get my bike race-ready so quickly. The weather was nothing but cold and rainy, and I was nothing but happy racing my bike.

I came off the bike in 3rd. This is what I look like when I skip. Or when I try to chase down a speedy UCSB girl. I never caught her, but ran a minute faster than last year.

The rookie pros both took 2nd. I will buy Ian ice cream next week in AZ on my lost bet. 

Next race is CA70.3 in three weeks.