Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are You Nervous?

This is the most common question I get right now. Saturday is CA70.3 - the big pro debut where I get to hop in the water with a staaaaaaaacked pro women's field including multiple Olympians, World Champions, etc.

A couple weeks ago I was nervous. And then Ian and I went to AZ to train and I realize I've done everything I could to prepare for this race. I may not be as fit as I hope to be in July, but for right now, I'm ready to get a racing benchmark for March. Now I am just excited.

I get to go out on Saturday and chase a bunch of fast girls. I get to try to learn how this pro thing works. There is no pressure for me to get a Kona slot because they don't exist for pros at this race. No pressure except any I put on myself. And I like it that way. I'm on a mission to try to win my coffee swim bet, beat my time from last year, ride my bike HARD, and enjoy myself while I'm out there.

Oh, and my Dad is racing - so I'm pretty excited to see him do the Blazeman roll at the finish in honor of a friend he lost to ALS.