Wednesday, February 3, 2010 Visit

My visit crammed a lot into a single day. 

I started out with a workout in the endless pool. I set one side to super-fast and the other to normal. This would have made for some great video, but I didn't think to set that up. When I swam on the super-fast side I would last about a minute and then fly toward the back of the pool. I practiced my butterfly a bit for the upcoming competition. The great thing about this pool is that there are mirrors on the bottom and in front of you, so you can analyze your stroke. They also have just about every wetsuit available for testing.

After the swim, it was time to hop on the bike.
Craig - aka expert bike fitter - set me up.

This is the smaller of the two bikes I tested.
I will ride the medium bike.

Bike #2 was set up after lunch.

And an F-16 fighter pilot came to help measure. He was also kind enough to drive me to the airport at the end of the day.

The store is currently being renovated. Even so, they had everything I can imagine wanting for triathlon. Thankfully they are online, since I don't live in Tucson.