Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Amazing Race

I decided tonight my Dad and I need to have a race. We have not gone head-to-head since last year, so I figure it's time.

We are going to race to track. He will be in his car. I will be on my bike. We will travel roughly six miles. During rush hour. Side roads can be used. This final rule may be my downfall.

My Dad will have to sit in traffic, park his car, wait for the light to cross the street, then walk about 400 meters up a hill to the track.

I will have to time-trial like mad to the same location, but get the luxury of not sitting in traffic, hopefully hitting all lights green, and can ride my bike right up to the track.

Should he win, my Dad has requested an Apple Fritter from a very specific Solana Beach Donut Shop. He was so bold as to say "I think you should just go get it right now," to me this morning. I still think I can pull this off. Should I win this amazing race, he will be purchasing me one of those froofy blended coffee drinks. With whipped cream on top. And chocolate shavings. Bragging rights go much farther than prizes though.

I'm also pretty sure I won't need much of a warmup when I get to track tonight.