Sunday, February 14, 2010

San Dieguito Half Marathon Race Report

This is Steven and I right after he PRd with a 1:34! The picture is tiny because I want to test your eyesight. And my camera has issues. One of my favorite races of the year came and went and it was everything I love about a race. Small, tons of friends, and a beautiful course.

The three musketeers reunited briefly. Kevin rocked a 1:18 and change, Ian pulled out with leg cramps at mile 4. Being sick the week before a hard race forced him off the course. Literally.

My time would tell you I had a good race - just 12 seconds shy of three weeks ago with 1:25:13. My legs would tell you otherwise - they just didn't show up to play today. They felt good around mile 9 for maybe a mile - and I'm pretty sure that entire mile was downhill. There was probably a tail wind too.

This is Katya and I about 400 meters from the finish. We were both trying to eek under 1:25. We both got soooooo close. Numbers aside - it was an awesome day. 

What is awesome about this picture is not that we match (although that does rock!) but that my visor looks like a cone sticking off my head. And Jeffrey has a vein the size of the panama canal sticking out of the side of his head in the background.

These are just a few of the friends that make this race great. Iso (the one with the blue ribbon around his neck on the right) raced this crazy Minnesota Ultra last week and the Brazil 135 the week before.  He has his sights on Badwater. I have no doubt he will be great.