Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Amazing Race Report

If you missed the explanation of The Amazing Race, please read this first.

This is my Dad prepping his transport. I might get coal for Christmas for posting this photo, but it made me laugh, so I figured it should be shared.

At exactly 5:10:06 we took this photo, and we were off for the track.

FIVE! That is the number of lights I got stuck at on the way to track.Traffic was lighter than normal (I'm blaming President's Day weekend), which definitely helped my Dad. At one point I came up on a Jelly Belly Team rider. I was hoping he would pull me, but he seemed to be having mechanical issues with his fancy bike. I asked if he was ok and then yelled "I've gotta go, I'm racing my Dad and he's in a car!" thinking to myself this must sound absurd. Jelly Belly boy got it because he yelled back "Ohmigosh, GO GO! Be careful, I hope you WIN!"

Twenty-two minutes after leaving my office, I arrived at the track and thought I might have won since I didn't see my Dad standing around gloating. 

But then I saw him - lounging.

He beat me by 2 minutes 56 seconds.

I will be riding my bike down to Solana Beach tomorrow to retrieve one large apple fritter. Hope it doesn't get squished in my pocket! Oh, and you better believe there will be a rematch!