Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Morning Commute

5:38 - Turn on flashy lights.
5:39 - Depart house for pool.
5:46 - Hear coyote howling, but can't see him in the dark.
6:42 - Ponder why I can't swim butterfly.
7:15 - Wonder if Maggs will destroy me in our future 50-fly competition.
7:25 - Hop on bike to ride to work.
7:32 - Meet fellow bike commuter at stoplight.
7:37 - Learn he competes in RAAM.
7:39 - And he thinks he ate too much ham over the holidays.
7:40 - Realize his quads are twice the size of my waist.
7:41 - Begin climbing hill.
7:42 - Oh my.
7:43 - Wish my new bike-commute friend worked at bottom of hill.
7:44 - Try to maintain a conversation with new friend as he flies up hill.
7:45 - Recover from cardiac arrest in time to converse again.
7:52 - Arrive at work and realize how cool it was that this all happened on a commute.

Thanks to Wired for the bike photo.


Runner Leana said...

I think it is really neat that you ride in the dark...early in the morning...to the pool and then to work. I wish I wasn't so afraid of riding in the slush here.

Sounds like one interesting guy...with really big thighs!

t-odd said...

Holy crap? I don't understand those RAAM guys.

When are you and MM doing the Butterfly Battle? Maybe I could use it as an excuse to come and "cover" it. The potential for drama is unbelievable.

Snakebite said...

Start training. You'll need to qualify for RAAM. It would sort of replace time and need for swimming (this is a bright spot, right?).

Kim said...

Love it.. very funny.. all that before 8am. We are a different breed!

D10 said...

Very cool about meeting another bike commuter!

MM said...

Did I say 50 fly? I think I meant 25. Don't worry, I did some fly today and someone asked what stroke I meant to be doing.

I want to do Race Across the West sometime. From Oceanside to Colorado. And RAAM as a relay. Wanna be on my team. Sometime in the next 10 years. After we have our little duel in the pool

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Totally awesome! Can you and Maggs have your competition in SF so I can watch?

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

I LOVE it!!

Those RAAM guys are awesome!! :) NICE job - hopefully I'll see you tomorrow at Masters! YEA!!

solarpowered said...

Wow. That's a packed 2+ hours before 8am! Cool about the bike commute new friend :)

Beth said...

There is a guy that rides around Pittsburgh that has won RAAM in the past. He is crazy. Really. He rides his bike for days and days and days on end.

PS I wonder why I can't swim fly too. If you find a good answer, let me know. :)

Leah said...

Ha! Funny post.

Meg said...

Gosh, I missed your garden post, I can't believe it! I'm trying leeks for the first time, I want to use them in soups! Good luck with the garden! What a fun commute, I just listen to the radio-so boring!

Mike Russell said...

You know he competes in RAAM but is he an Ironman? RAAM is a great race and I hope to push myself and ride it in about 10 years!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I use to be a competive swimmer, and I cant do the butterfly

ADC said...

Nice bike commute. Apart from that hill ;)