Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Morning Commute

5:38 - Turn on flashy lights.
5:39 - Depart house for pool.
5:46 - Hear coyote howling, but can't see him in the dark.
6:42 - Ponder why I can't swim butterfly.
7:15 - Wonder if Maggs will destroy me in our future 50-fly competition.
7:25 - Hop on bike to ride to work.
7:32 - Meet fellow bike commuter at stoplight.
7:37 - Learn he competes in RAAM.
7:39 - And he thinks he ate too much ham over the holidays.
7:40 - Realize his quads are twice the size of my waist.
7:41 - Begin climbing hill.
7:42 - Oh my.
7:43 - Wish my new bike-commute friend worked at bottom of hill.
7:44 - Try to maintain a conversation with new friend as he flies up hill.
7:45 - Recover from cardiac arrest in time to converse again.
7:52 - Arrive at work and realize how cool it was that this all happened on a commute.

Thanks to Wired for the bike photo.