Friday, January 15, 2010

Chasing the Rabbit

At 6:25 when I get on my bike the sky is barely light. I have 40 minutes to warm up before I meet the rabbit and start the chase. On the way the sky changes to shades of crimson and blue.

I meet the rabbit and we are off. As we drop into a valley icy cold air hits my face. My eyes begin to water. We climb up another hill and the temperature rises slightly. The rabbit starts to pull away. Too early to lose him, I scramble to chase. We fly past dewy fields and several cows. I can hear my breath. I urge my legs go go go! We fly downhill again. The rabbit is stronger and larger than me, I pedal extra hard on the downhill to try not to lose his wheel. Then to try not to lose sight.

Chasing the rabbit is one of my favorite rides of the week.
I'm really thankful for great friends who let me chase!