Thursday, October 22, 2009

Green Animals

When you work with microscopes on a daily basis, finding random bugs around the office can be fun. The tiniest of spiders look absolutely terrifying under a microscope! Yesterday we found this praying mantis. Except he can't pray like his fellow mantis friends do because he is missing a hand. I chased him around the office like a crazy tourist with a camera. Then we set him free to the great outdoors.

Today was the first day I got up before the sun since my 4am wake up for that race a few weeks ago. I went for a run and the sunrise was beautiful. No watch, no heartrate, just my legs taking me where I felt like going. For the first time it felt like fall to me. My hands got cold when I ran through a valley by the golf course.

These are my final gecko photos from Hawaii. Actually I have a few more photos I'm saving for T-odd in January when he's whining about snow and ice and slushy fun while running.