Friday, October 23, 2009

Family Oldies

This is my mom being distracted by the beauty of the farmland while I'm entertaining myself on quite possibly the world's most rusty swingset. There is an elephant on my outfit, which is pretty sweet! I imagine high pitched "wheeeeeeeeees" were coming from my little lungs as well.

This was last year. Not much has changed really, except my mom was not pushing me here.

This is another family picture I found. My parents are holding me on the left. My grandparents are on the right with my cousins. My Dad's sweater makes him look like he's part of the crew club at Harvard. Or just won a race with a medal hanging around his neck. Either way I think it looks good. My Mom has mastered the perfect hair flip. What I really love though is my Grandpa's pants! Holy stylish Grandfather I had!! I don't think just anyone could get away with wearing those!