Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Things

This is my Grandma's pantry. The ONLY item in the pantry that is not Tupperware is the Penguin cookie jar I gave her for Christmas. No joke - raiding the pantry is a hunt for which shape and color of Tupperware she has put the good things in. Many years of putting four kids through school by selling Tupperware has left her with no shortage, even at age 95.

My Grandma's ginger snap cookies are quite possibly the best cookies ON EARTH. Sometimes finding the cookies, and keeping the location a secret from other family members is really the best course of action.

As a child, the same raspberry plants I spent hours eating from, while swatting bees away from me and then running wildly around the yard as they would chase me are still in her back yard. I spent about 20 minutes this past trip eating raspberries straight off the plant. All good things!