Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Taper

Fall often equals "taper" - whether it be for Ironman or a marathon. It's the time when my head starts playing tricks on me. Am I training too much? Maybe I am not training enough? Why does my knee hurt right there? What, you say you're sick, or have been in the past 5 weeks? STAY AWAY!!

Some fall from my recent Chicago visit.

But in the end all is fine. My mini aches and pains are normal. I know I trained as much as work, life, etc. would allow. I will go race Kona knowing that at this point in time I did everything possible to have my best race on that given day.

To keep the taper exciting (!) I decided to throw in a little race this weekend. Because really, there is nothing better to prep myself before the big dance than getting my butt kicked in a race that will take less time to finish than most of my recent runs have taken!