Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Flop

I tend to enjoy a good flop onto the floor after a hard workout, or day at work, or Kona. Half-eaten piece of pizza in my hand and a nice flop onto the King K hotel lobby floor. Now that is NICE!

This is my friend Jason. He has not completely mastered the "flop" yet, but his was not bad. He spent a day last October chasing me around Kona. I think spectating might be harder than racing.

A good flop requires a minimum of 5 minutes on the ground in the someone-just-knocked-me-down-and-now-I-can't-move position. If done properly friends will come running with cameras, because apparently the flop has not become mainstream yet. It is important not to perform the "flop" before crossing the finish line, as it makes for a very long night.