Sunday, September 20, 2009

Art and some Strikes (X)

The weekend started with this.

Steven explained to me, 'this is a Dr. Seuss tree'. I immediately agreed that we need one.

Awesome origami. The paper and instructions to make these little robots can be purchased at the Art Museum bookstore. I nearly forked over $15 for paper until I came to my senses and realized I barely have time to grocery shop, let alone make mini monsters out of itsy bitsy most-likely-frustrating pieces of paper.

This was my dinner, which part way through I realized looked beautiful. Veggies from my garden on a grilled corn tortilla with some cheddar cheese and lentils with cous cous. Prep time was about 10 minutes. Tasted heavenly.

We finished off the day with bowling. I managed to get a Turkey (Mom - that means three strikes in a row) and have what I thought was an amazing game, followed by two games where sadly I failed to break 100. By A LOT. Steven and Jeffrey destroyed me. Jeffrey managed to better my Turkey by bowling six strikes in a row. I am not sure I'm worthy of sharing a lane with him anymore.

Jeffrey kept mentioning something about the need for all of us to join a bowling league. The boys would have no problem, but I am not sure they like girls who bowl an 83 signing up for leagues. I might need to stick with triathlon.


MM said...

I love origami. I have an origami a day calendar (from 2001) that I haven't made it past February on. I'll bring a month to the OC Tri for you. In 3 weeks you should have a lot of time.

Beth said...

HA!! I am so bad at bowling too. Too bad because I think it's really fun!! :) Glad you had such a great weekend!

Herrad said...

Hi Charisa,

Lovely post, so enjoyed reading it, your food looked delicious, feel quite hungry now.
The photos are good, especially liked the lilypond and your plate of food and the Dr Seus plant and the photo of you and your darling.

Running and living said...

Sounds like you enjoyed the recovery weekend. Everytime you post about food I get hungry:)

Ordinarylife said...

Although my triathlon skills don't amount to very much either, they are also still way better than my bowling.

At least both are fun!

NJ said...

Love the Dr. Seuss tree! I wonder how big it gets and if I could grow one indoors in MN?! Hmmm...
I always thought that some of the bonsais looked a bit Dr. Seuss-ish too.


Looks like you have most of your colors covered in the meal. I need to take a lesson from that if I am going to drop 10 by IMFL.

ADC said...

Oh I like that food on your plate :))

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Sounds like a great weekend! YEA!

Oh - and we are totally in the same bowling shoes....I hate to admit this, but 83 actually sounds pretty good to me (small cough!)

Kiet said...

This post is reminding me that I was supposed to hit the SF MOMA about three months ago. Thanks for the reminder.

Roo said...

How is it that Jeff is good at every sport?

Love the last pic!!!!