Friday, August 7, 2009


We're going to see my new tiny nephew this weekend! I'm pretty excited that my sisters-in-law keep having kids - I like to play with them, buy them cute things, etc. Also, when they start crying I can hand them back.

This also means I have new bike routes to explore. This is the map I made for my ride tomorrow. The last time I did something like this I only got lost once. I'm going to try to improve my record this weekend.


Meg Runs said...

Hey guess what, that's what I do! Hug, kiss, buy things, play and then hand Kaleb back! So fun!

Love your map, don't get lost...


If you have a portable GPS, take it with you (of course that would be cheating)

Bandobras said...

It gets even better when they are older you can take them out, load them with sugar and tell them horror stories so they have nightmares. Then give them back and go home.

t-odd said...

I am directionally retarded so no map ever helps me although my GPS is better, I can't bring it on rides or runs.

I love that about little kids now - cute to play with, fun to give back.

Have a fun weekend - hope our uterus doesn't start to ache.

(My word verification is "fulneed")