Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vincenzo and the Pool

I found a new pool close to work where Vincenzo and I can ride to swim. It's good for those days where I want to swim, but masters might not be what I need. I still plan to swim Carlsbad masters - because I love it - but from a my-schedule-is-busy standpoint, this new pool rocks!

Yesterday I did a pull set and my times were FAST! I had been told the pool was 25 meters, so I figured I was rested, since we're just starting the chaos training plan.

Vincenzo likes the shady tree to sit under while I swim.

Today I showed up armed with my tape measure. (Yes, I measured the entire length of the pool in 3-foot increments with my measuring tape . . .) And whaddayaknow - it's 25 YARDS, not meters! HA HA! I am not the speedy swimmer I thought I might be!

This is the view I have of Vincenzo while swimming. Today he had some crazy jumpy thing behind him with children screaming the whole time. He was very happy when I took him back to work to gaze out the window.