Thursday, July 16, 2009

Transportation Bikes

This bike makes me want to move to a small European town where I can ride my bike to the market every day.

On this one I imagine wandering the countryside over several weeks, stopping at small cafes to drink cappuccino while sitting in the shade of a large oak tree.

And can we say not one, but TWO laptop carriers?! I need one of these. It is quite possible I will never own too many bicycles [sigh].

All of these bikes are hand made by Mitch Prior of MAP Bicycles in Portland Oregon. If you need a fun bike with a great paint job, check them out.


D10 said...

It would be so sweet to ride to the market every day.

Teresa said...

Great photos! I work one block from Pike Place but it would be fun to get there "in style". The two laptop carriers are GENIOUS!

ADC said...

Well we can do it after IM France. Wouldn't that be fun!


You could do all that stuff on a carb fibre tri bike too!

Roo said...

If I had that last one, you wouldn't have to cart my stuff home from races for me! I probably wouldn't go as fast though.

Terrish B said...

I really enjoy your blog :-) Always puts a smile on my face!