Wednesday, July 22, 2009

San Francisco

I love San Francisco. I'm not sure how I have made it 33 years without ever managing to live there. However, any chance I get to visit is always fun. Since SF is right on the way to Vineman, it makes for a nice place to stop on Friday night. That and the fact that by the time we get there I can not imagine sitting in the car for another minute.

Kathleen and her husband Bert were the greatest hosts ever.

Perfect cappuccinos greeted us in the morning!
At this point I could have gone home happy - race or no race.

Then we walked to eat toast. Except we had more than toast!! There were scrambled things and tofu and hash browns . . . all organic and all very tasty!

The rest of the shots are just random things I enjoyed. San Francisco offers so many fun things to keep me entertained.

And this final shot is for my friend Ladybug. There was an entire store for you LB!!! You might be glad I did not come home with the ladybug keychain, pens, t-shirts and children's wheely suitcase for you! Because the thought did cross my mind!!