Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kum Ba Yah

There is only one day each week when my favorite swim coach is at masters. Wednesday lunch. It is always a killer workout and Coach Jeff expects nothing but 110% from everyone. Last week after the set some whining occurred and he said, "Would you rather sit around the deck and sing Kum Ba Yah?" I then envisioned the start of a race where we would sing Kum Ba Yah and sweetly enter the water, popping our heads up to say "sorry about that mate" anytime we bumped into someone. It made me laugh.

I got to test ride my new bike yesterday. It felt fast. And fun. And smoooooooooth! A bit of tweaking is still taking place, so I have not brought it home yet.

On the garden front - the broccoli and swiss chart is already popping up through the dirt. Whaddaya know, I have a busy weekend and those little seeds come right up!

It is thundering here right now. I know this seems very normal for those of you in the midwest, or probably just about anywhere, but California not only gets hardly any rain, but rarely thunder storms. I kind of hope it subsides just from 12-1 so I can go sing Kum Ba Yah, errrr I mean get my butt kicked in lane 3 of the pool.