Friday, May 29, 2009


For quite some time I have been wanting to plant our garden. Steven planted the tomatoes a while ago and they have little green tomatoes on them now. This is our garden plot. Nothing huge, but we managed to sew seeds for six different vegetables.

These are peas.

Chop sticks make good garden signs.

If you're wondering about Peter, do not worry. After Steven blocked his hiding place under the porch he helped us out and left on his own accord.

Our orange tree actually has a few oranges on it this year! I am still waiting on the lemons to turn yellow so I can make the famous lemon bars!


Maggs said...

yum. Lemon bars.

I love gardening.

t-odd said...

Oh yes - Lemon Bars! So great with fresh home grown lemons and not everyone can say that.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

What a fun garden! Sign me up for some of those lemon bars please...yum!

NJ said...

Lemon bars sound so good! Gardening can be so relaxing (when I'm not also chasing down my 3 year old)!

solarpowered said...

What a great little garden! Yummy stuff planted there!

Herrad said...

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Your veg garden looks great and 1145 commuting miles brilliant!

By the way how do you make lemon bars?