Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Peter is causing Problems

I may have mentioned that we have a small rabbit (Peter) in our yard that is eating his way daily through our garden. Steven has decided he must go. As much as I think he is "cute", I agree. He must find a new home, because our garden vegetables and Peter are not co-existing.

Steven spent the better part of his free time last week trying to chase Peter from beneath the porch. He then took Tiptoe out in the yard for rabbit-chasing-practice. I wish I had actual photos of this. He said he walked around the yard holding Tiptoe and then would set her down and try to get her to see Peter and chase him out the hole in the fence. As you can imagine, this worked amazingly well. Except Peter is still in our yard.

This small horse might be able to help us,
but I am doubtful at this point.

I thought about enlisting Lisa's help, but am afraid of what might become of Peter should she succeed in catching him.

Steven's other idea was to gather the "moving crew" and perhaps in large numbers we could out-wit Peter and move him to a new home.