Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Single Speed Adventures

I took Vincenzo to the pool yesterday. He doesn't know how to swim yet, so he enjoyed being ogled by other swimmers while he waited patiently. I am giving myself a few weeks to get used to single speed before I flip the wheel and go full fixie. I was afraid I might not make it up the hill by the pool so I threw my clipless pedals on the bike. I do not regret this at all - way more fun! My gearing is 17/44, for those of you interested. So far I think it is just about right for me and the hills I ride on my commute.

On this morning's bike commute I was grinning from ear to ear after making it up the even steeper hill by my office with my super heavy bag on my back! A motorcycle pulled up next to me and said "Hey - that is a SWEET bike!" Ahhhhh yes, and just as I was reveling in how wonderful everything was, pssshhhhhh, pshhhhhhh, pssshhhhhh.

Massive piece of evil metal in my tire!

And fixed gear bikes do not have quick-release wheels. Today the meat wagon came to pick me up since I did not have time to heal Vincenzo's wounds before work. . . thanks Barbara!!

I am currently painting some zip ties lime green (multiple uses for nail polish!) to secure my rear brake cable. And I know - real fixies don't have brakes. I'm not quite there yet though!!