Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This came with my lunch today. SWEET - sounds good! I tend to believe we make our own fortunes. Sometimes life is awesome and sometimes it is completely unfair. I think it's mostly how we choose to deal with whatever life dishes out that matters more.

This week I get a "mini-break" from my crazy training. I am not calling it a rest week because I really only get three days of easiness, followed by what has become a regular hefty training-filled weekend.

Ian is coming to drag me around the Henshaw loop Saturday on our bikes. He does not think the "drag me around" part is true since he doesn't yet know the route, but I'm pretty sure he will be a little spec on the horizon in my eyes.

Last week I decided to enter the Rock n Roll marathon which takes place Sunday. Kind of a last minute "this will be fun for training" sort of thing. I have been running long on the weekends and after getting bored of my route and relistening to every song on my ipod too many times I decided, why not just enter the race? So this will be the first marathon I have ever entered only 8 days before the race, on non-fresh legs, without tapering. I am going to call it good practice. Or maybe it will make for a really funny blog post when it is all said and done! And I know, it is a bit crazy. But really, isn't all of triathlon and endurance sport a bit crazy?!