Monday, April 20, 2009

More Coachella

The speedo boys were not in attendance this year. And I seem to have failed to capture many exciting costume images as promised. I think the furry pink boots would be awesome if they were green and orange. The bloomers seemed to be in fashion this year as well. I hope this is not a sign of trends to come back mainstream. People watching is awesome at Coachella.

Waiting for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in 100 degree heat after training all weekend is a perfect way to end up with kankles (Grandma - that means ankles the size of tree stumps). Compression socks did not make an appearance on my legs.

The wait was worth it. 
Nick rocked on the guitar and Karen O entertained.

Besides music, Coachella has a lot of art. 
This tree was made out of solar lights.

This piano man pedals around - his piano is on a bicycle. 
I have no idea how he steers.

Anything on fire is generally a big hit. 
It's a snake - check out his creepy green eyes!