Tuesday, March 3, 2009


There was a sliver of daylight on my bike commute this morning! Enough that I could see the road more from the light produced by the sun than from my bike commuting light. This completely made my day, and then I realized on Saturday the time changes and I will lose my morning light again. Oh well, I get three more days to enjoy it!

I signed up for an Olympic distance triathlon this weekend. It has been five months since I raced a triathlon and I thought it might be good to get some race practice again. You know, in case I forgot how to take off my wetsuit. Or swim. Or remove my helmet before running out of transition.

I also signed up as "elite" since it is a small race. I have never raced elite before. For some reason this is now freaking me out. The elite guys and girls all start together and I'm envisioning everyone taking off while I end up swimming by myself and then get caught and clobbered by some fast age groupers. Oh well, I suppose that in itself would be good practice!