Monday, March 2, 2009

A Ride, a Bull and a Bee

My friend Liz came down from LA to ride long with me yesterday. We had a great day of sunny (well, it was downright hot) riding, climbing and chatting. We even found a furry bull to take a picture with.

At one point I ran over something evil and my tire ended up with a massive gash in it. Oops! Oh well, nice break and thankfully Steven came to the rescue with a new tire. We were off again, but not before a bee stung me in the forehead. Oh joy! I was imagining returning home from the ride with a massive red welt on my forehead. Thankfully I guess I'm not really allergic to bees because it now looks like I have a big zit where the bee stung me (sorry no photos of this awesome facial flaw!)

Post-ride we pulled the band together and pretended we were rock stars. My new goal is to get Roo and Liz together for a rock band party. Neither one can stand still while singing. Which I'm pretty sure is how the singing part for rock band was meant to be!