Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Owwwwww, much better!

I went to see Dan today. He's my cure-all for the ailments I tend to bring upon myself in training. Any time my friends get hurt I tell them "Go see Dan, he will heal you!"

It's called Active Release Therapy (ART). It hurts. Think terribly deep tissue massage, but you actually have to be involved in the process and move your legs or arms or whatever he is working on. But when he's done everything feels oh-so-good!

Dan has the ability to make me laugh while he's destroying all the knots, tightness and junk in my muscles that I acquired while swimming, biking and running. It's amazing to me how much pain he inflicts, and I still love going to see him!

He also is smart. Bio-mechanics smart! Today we determined my back is WAY over-the-moon tight. Which is causing my poor piriformis (butt) to hurt!

Steven refers to this picture as the "Dan molesting my wife in Kona" picture.