Monday, March 23, 2009

Some Rehab

This is what I love about triathlon: usually if I get injured or can't train one sport, at least there are two others to work on. I followed all "take-care-of-myself" orders this weekend and did not run. Saturday I rode with friends. Knowing I was not running off the bike I had nothing to lose by riding hard. The guys I ride with are amazing. Not only do they let me tag along each week, but they can H-A-M-M-E-R like nothing else. I spent most of the ride scrambling to grab a wheel and keep from getting dropped. My heart rate got as high as it did in my last race. I have no photos of any of this because taking photos would have taken up any small bit of oxygen that was left in my lungs, and I needed all of it! But I came home so so so happy.

Since I did not run Sunday I decided to continue my ongoing house rehab project. I started this project back in November (aka off-season). This is another reason I find my husband amazing. Not only is he ok with the fact that I disappear for half the weekend to run and ride, but he also seems to be ok with the fact that I started tearing the house apart four months ago and have not yet put it back together.

You have to admit though - these drapes were just screaming "welcome to the nursing home!" I think the stripes are WAY better! The drapery project is complete.

Peach is not my color. At all. So we've gone from peach walls and boring baseboard to colorful walls and fun painted baseboards. Tiptoe seems to like it much better. The only problem is that I had to tear up the carpet to paint the baseboard, but we can not replace it until I finish painting. It's the "finish" part I'm having trouble with.

I made a little more progress this weekend, but I am guessing we have at least a few more months of half-torn-up carpet! I think maybe it will make us enjoy it all the more once I finally do finish the project!