Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Softride

This bike is a family heirloom. My Dad rode it in his first triathlon. When he upgraded I inherited the Softride. This is funny because my Dad is much taller than I am.

In grad school I took the Softride to my local bike shop and told the guy "I am poor and can not afford to buy a bike. I know this bike does not fit me, but do your best to make it work!" He looked at me as if I was crazy, but fitted me on the bike.

I raced my first 1/2 ironman (Wildflower) on this beauty. I threw the chain off in the first mile and thought I might cry because I did not know how to fix it. I figured it out. Without a meltdown or tears.

Last year Steven raced his first triathlon on the Softride. Coming out of transition he promptly tipped over. Thankfully this was captured on camera. And he is a good sport so we can laugh at him without hurting his feelings. He has since upgraded to a slightly nicer bike.

Currently the Softride resides in our garage, waiting to provide joy to its next rider. Anyone need an amazing "first tri" bike?


LB said...

This post is long overdue, that bike actually deserves it's own blog.

Technically I believe that Pendleton was Steven's 2nd tri, he managed to keep the softride upright at Cbad.

Is it too much to ask for you to post the tip over pics?

ADC said...

Wow that is a big bike - how did your feet reach the pedals? Oh yes and I vote for posting Steven's photo :))))

IAN said...

I make 3 requests for the tip over photos. Then I will have something to blackmail him with should he get upset at me stealing his pics...(which I can only assume I will be doing after CA70.3... Shhh.. don't tell him).

t-odd said...

Make that four requests. (Falling over is funny! Better if it's a stranger - to me anyway.) My dad was obsessed with the Softride when it came out. He never got one, but was convinced it was "the future."

Hooterville Mayor said...

Being a bent rider I very much appreciate "abnormal" type bikes. One of our club members rides something similar in the roadie version. Cool bikes, I sez. The history makes it even cooler.

Teresa said...


Lauren Harrison said...

That is awesome! I would have loved to see you race on that bike at WF!!!!