Monday, March 30, 2009

Gadgets that make me GO!

At first glance my tri bike looks pretty normal, no?! However, after multiple comments last weekend I am starting to wonder if I have more gadgets than normal on my bike? These are the three comments I got last weekend (with my inside-voice responses following):
  1. Wow - you have an entire control center up there!
    (Yes, a space station really!)
  2. My, what a high-tech bicycle you have.
    (If only it pedaled for me too . . .)
  3. Does that tell you the weather?
    (REALLY?! Yes, In Alaska today it is 28 degrees.)
So I took a closer look to make sure. Let's see, tiny bike computer that tells me my cadence and how slow I am pedaling into a headwind. Heart rate watch on the left - to tell me I'm either not working hard enough, or that I am dying (in which case I do not need to look to confirm this).

Other than that - there is a peace sticker that my running coach gave me, but this is not a "gadget", so that is it. Hmmmm, I think it is just fine. I'm stickin with it!