Monday, March 30, 2009

Gadgets that make me GO!

At first glance my tri bike looks pretty normal, no?! However, after multiple comments last weekend I am starting to wonder if I have more gadgets than normal on my bike? These are the three comments I got last weekend (with my inside-voice responses following):
  1. Wow - you have an entire control center up there!
    (Yes, a space station really!)
  2. My, what a high-tech bicycle you have.
    (If only it pedaled for me too . . .)
  3. Does that tell you the weather?
    (REALLY?! Yes, In Alaska today it is 28 degrees.)
So I took a closer look to make sure. Let's see, tiny bike computer that tells me my cadence and how slow I am pedaling into a headwind. Heart rate watch on the left - to tell me I'm either not working hard enough, or that I am dying (in which case I do not need to look to confirm this).

Other than that - there is a peace sticker that my running coach gave me, but this is not a "gadget", so that is it. Hmmmm, I think it is just fine. I'm stickin with it!


t-odd said...

You still have plenty of room for a power tap, gps, laptop, hotplate, softserve ice cream machine and a cappuccino maker - you have a long way to go.

Beth said...

Hahaha - I'm laughing at t-odd's response! :) Yeah - looks good to me Charisa! I've definitely seen some much more tricked out bikes. I like simplicity too. Although I usually have some food hanging around up there too. :)

Evan said...

21st century digital girl!!

I always wondered. What is the difference between a tri bike and a regular road racing bike??

ADC said...

Oh, I've just noticed the peace sticker - cute.


I bet the people commenting on your gadgets are still riding banana bikes?

How can you not ride with $5000.00 worth of electronics on your handlebars.

Ordinarylife said...

Sounds about right - a HR and a bike computer? Don't most people have that?

Bob Almighty said...

For a second I thought your HR monitior was a bell...don't laugh there are at least three chicks on the East coast who have bike bells on their aero bars...they claim it sounds better than constantly screaming on your left.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I think it looks lovely! And of course you need to the know the temp in Alaska! Totally normal.

Thanks for making me laugh today!

Teresa said...

You have everything you need!! Never too much...just enough to, like you said, confirm your may be on the brink of dying :) Funny! I passed someone the other day with a radio on her bike, that could be tough assembling :)

GoBigGreen said...

Aw that's not so bad...I have that set up but have a PT as well and am trying to figure out if i can fit a bottle up there and just wear the monitor on my room for the sippy straw tho:)
Too funny bout the capp machine. I would have to pull off to perfect the foam and would never finish the bike ride!

rocketpants said...

Awww...that's not that bad. Pretty typical I"d say.