Sunday, March 29, 2009

Running, Cookies and Color

This is the view I have when I stretch at the end of one of my favorite trail runs. Spectacular!

I love trail running. I've found that when something is taken away for a bit I love it even more. I took a little time off from running recently to let some injuries heal. Today I ran again and if it is possible, fell in love with running even more.

Last night I decided to make cookies. Martha Stewart I am not . . . somewhere between following the recipe and adding a few of my own ingredients this was the end result. Thankfully sight and taste are not the same because the cookies still tasted good!

This weekend we bought a few more plants for our garden. Steven will keep them alive for me, and I will enjoy looking at them. 

The orange one is my favorite, although the little tiny ones are cute. Plus, those are low-water plants, which means they thrive where we live - bonus! Hope everyone had a great weekend!