Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tropical Yoga

Last night 3 friends and I braved HOT yoga. AKA bikram yoga, sweaty yoga, etc. These are the things I wish someone would have told me before I went to HOT yoga . . .
  1. Do NOT under any circumstances put any lotion on your legs at any time on the day you plan to attend hot yoga.
  2. A small hand towel is not big enough to mop up the amount of sweat you will produce during hot yoga.
  3. Your yoga mat can and will double as a slip-and-slide.
  4. If you are practicing hot yoga next to a friend and you are now on the slip-and-slide, try not to look at your friend, as you most likely will spend more energy trying to keep from laughing uncontrollably rather than holding the tree, eagle, whatever pose.
  5. Downward dog does not work on a slippery yoga mat - it quickly turns into push-up position. However, if you bring a LARGE beach towel to cover your yoga mat you'll be fine. (This is the key thing I noticed between the "regular hot yogis" and my friends and I last night . . . NOBODY except the 4 of us had tiny towels.)
I really wanted to take a picture of all of us during the session, but figured some of the hard-core yogis wouldn't appreciate my "I need a photo for my blog" explanation. So instead I snapped a post-yoga "we survived" photo.