Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fancy Running Socks

How is it that my favorite pair of running socks cost $11? Minimum wage in California is $8. First of all, I’m quite sure my socks were not made in CA. Actually; does anyone make socks in the US anymore? I highly doubt it. But let’s pretend my socks were made in California.

I’m quite sure some high-tech machine makes these socks. I’m only guessing this from my limited viewing of “How It’s Made” on the Discovery Channel. But I envision some factory where socks are mass-produced.

However, I will pretend my socks were hand made by one person. And this is a skilled person. Now, if my socks were made in half an hour that’s $4. It actually makes me feel better if I pretend someone made my socks by hand.

I have tried cheapo Target socks though and they get holes in them quickly and don’t stay in place as well.  (Oh dear, I hope I'm not turning into a “high-maintenance athletic apparel” girl!) I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to keep buying the expensive socks with the “R” and “L” on each one. Again – another nice feature but REALLY?! Do we need help with left and right? I can’t complain though – it really is nice when folding laundry and trying to match up all those socks!


Maggs said...

Haha. I have a few pair of the asics socks which are r/l socks and I love them. Fortunately for me I can wear any sock when I run, but the r/l ones are my favorite. I just looked at my sock drawer the other day and determined I didn't need to buy socks for a very long time.

Roo said...

I think you and Marit wear the same socks. Only hers were both L. I've resorted to keeping all the mis-matches because it's too expensive to replace them so yesterday I had to ride in one pink and one gray sock!

rocketpants said...

Its tough because once I find a pair of socks that works I don't want to stray from them for fear the next brand will betray my feet. Better than blisters though.

Renee said...

Socks are important though so they are worth it and easily justifiable! I am a sock freak though and am constantly in search of new and better ones! They can make or ruin a run!

Amy Beth Kloner said...

ha! just read this... i also pay an exhorbitant amount for . . . SOCKS. also pisses me off. socks! just socks!