Friday, November 28, 2008

Tofurkey and Slack Lines

After Steven PRd his 5k in the Oceanside Turkey Trot we headed off to his parents for Thanksgiving: meaning potatoes, tofurkey for me and real turkey for Steven.

Steven's cousin Kristen goes to UCSB and has gotten into slacklining. It's basically just a nylon webbing (tow strap) stretched tight between two trees (or posts in our case). BALANCE is the key here. I suppose it is somewhat similar to tight-rope walking, but without the long balance stick thing. Although, I've never tried tight-rope walking before.

We spent a lot of time laughing because the first time you try it your leg will inevitably shake uncontrollably, even if you're holding onto someone.

This is Steven's older brother Bryan. His wife Monica is taking the picture. He's going to do this.

Seriously - he's going to get on the slack line. Oh wait, one more person please! SUCCESS - Bryan was up and walking in no time. I'm pretty certain he'll be putting one up in his own back yard now to practice so that next year he can punk us all in the slack line competition!


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Is there no end to fun new things to try?! That looks like FUN!

Glad you had a great t-day!

kerri said...

I have never eaten tofu or slack lining. HMMM, don't know which one to try first. Glad you had a fun day.

rocketpants said...

Looks like a good thanksgiving! So in this slacklining they just do it in the back yard or are there places to slackline? Interesting. I have no balance so I know it is not for me.