Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Laptops and Rubber Duckies

I'm now on my 4th consecutive day of bike commuting. The 17” laptop seemed like such a great idea when I purchased it (and I still love using it) but yesterday as I was climbing the hill by work I was wishing I had the tiny Macbook Air instead.

I just cleaned my bike and now we're supposed to have a major rainstorm today. I've decided I'm running home if it is down pouring after work. And if it's still raining in the morning I'll just run back to work again. I don't really mind riding in the rain, I just don't want to re-clean the bike, she's sooooo squeaky clean right now!

This morning I read this article about how NASA is using rubber ducks to track currents in the melting Greenland ice flows. This is seriously awesome! Apparently there isn't much money for global warming experiments in Greenland. I love creative thinking!

Oh, and if you find one of the rubber ducks and email the contact info written on the duck you get a reward. Doubtful one will wash up in Carlsbad, but hey - you never know!

I think this image of a Greenland ice flow is absolutely beautiful!
(2002 Image courtesy of Roger Braithwaite, University of Manchester, UK).


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

LOVE the rubber ducky story! That is super awesome. I'm so keeping an eye out for yellow blobs bobbing in the water. I often have lunch at the Ferry Building in SF. Now I have a goal too!

Good luck managing the rain...I feel like a slug taking the subway to work.

Steve Stenzel said...

That rubber ducky idea is GREAT! And good luck with the commuting! I hear ya about the smaller computers!! I used to bike to-and-from one of my classes, but with a Mac slung over one shoulder, it was a little tough!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Maggs said...

I'm going to keep an eye out for rubber duckies this weekend at the beach. Happy Thanksgiving.

rocketpants said...

Way to keep up with the alternative transport!Think of the 17" laptop as 'resistance' training. :-)

Rubber ducky tracking...very creative.

Myra said...

Nice to meet you! Found you through our mutual friend Kathleen. I have a MacBook Air too - I'm in love. Went with the 15" pro because I was afraid of the weight, but swoon over that screen. Now I know you have great taste in friends and computers!