Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election party, the run and the PIG

Brian had an election party last night. It was great except I accidentally missed Obama's speech because a friend called to talk to me about a possible sponsor for next year. OOPS. Apparently I was talking too loud in the other room while Obama was speeching away. Only Steven wasn't phased - I think he told everyone he's used to tuning me out!

This morning my friend Mandy and I went running. It was supposed to be an easy 10 and somehow became a hilly 13. She's going to rock the Silver Strand half marathon in a few weeks. I plan to still be "off-seasoning" when this happens.

On the way back we passed a lady out walking her pig. At first I thought it was a dog - a fat somewhat ugly dog with a really long skinny tail. I was thinking what an ugly tail this dog had when I realized in fact it was a pig. I don't exactly live in the country or near a farm, so this was fascinating to me. Who knows, maybe they make good pets!?