Friday, November 7, 2008


These are a few things that make me smile:
  1. Orange fall leaves, cold weather and fuzzy sweaters
  2. The foam on a latte
  3. Losing track of time when with friends
  4. Tiptoe's ears when they go back flat before she pounces
  5. Listening to Italian being spoken
  6. Wired Magazine and nerdy tech stuff
  7. Green Stuff (the color or earth-friendly)
  8. Music (there can be a whole new post about what constitutes "good" music)
  9. Traditions that aren't traditional
  10. The sound of wind howling


BreeWee said...

NICE post... the simple things...

hey, do you listen to Colbie C, on her Coco CD? That song "little things" is like the theme song of my life right now, but you would love it... cause it is the little things that make you smile!

Happy Weekend!

Maggs said...

I miss fall (but not the cold). I'm happy it's the weekend! have a good one!