Friday, November 21, 2008

Bike Commuting

I'm trying to ride my bike more for commuting and yesterday I made great progress for several reasons. The main success was that I figured out how to ride to work AND get Starbucks on the way. This was huge - a complete MADE MY DAY moment. Actually, Starbucks isn't on the way to work at all, I have to add two more miles and climb a massive hill, but it's still completely worth it. Didn't spill a drop on my bike either (thanks to all my blogger friends for awesome "coffee-transport" tips!)

The second great success was that I got lights from my friend Erik (thank you!!) to try out so I wouldn't get killed on the way home in the dark. I am now lit up like a fancy Christmas tree and should be ultra-safe. You can't see the back - but there's a HUGE red light on the back of my bike and then I have 3 flashing lights on my messenger bag. I may be bordering on "annoyingly flashing" but I don't care if it keeps some idiot from hitting me!

This morning - more success - I rode my bike to the pool, then to work. I wasn't sure if this might result in my arriving at work one massive ice cube since my hair is wet from swimming, but it actually worked out in my favor. Since I was cold, I rode faster and actually made it in less time than when I drive my car. NICE!! Thanks to fatcyclist for my cool messenger bag that he sent when I won his raffle!