Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What I learned this season

My 2008 season is over. Well, almost over. I have two more cross country races and the annual Tinsel Triathlon in December where my friends and I will do our best to destroy each other for bragging rights. I currently hold the title among our friends and have no plans to relinquish it this year.

However, in the meantime I thought I'd share with you what I learned from my 2008 tri season:
  1. Being injured makes me grumpy and grateful.
  2. My friends are what makes this sport so amazing and incredibly fun.
  3. Sprint tris and cross country races hurt (I already knew this, but somehow forget each season and continue to sign up for them).
  4. I do not look fast in cycling pictures. And no, an aero helmet wouldn't help this cause either. My friend Diana is on the left. Steven took both these shots at Vineman this year. Diana looks FAST, hardcore, etc. I am on the right - "Hi Steven!" I'm usually waving. Then thinking, "Oh crap, get back in the aero bars." It's hopeless really! 

  5. The swim portion of Escape from Alcatraz triathlon is not as scary as everyone makes it out to be. And the run rocks!
  6. In every ironman there is a brief moment where I will swear I hate IM and will never do another. Guaranteed an hour later I will forget this.
  7. I am not good at matching cycling or running outfits. Patterns, colors, etc. - they generally do NOT go together. My friends seem to notice this more than I do.
  8. About every few months I will have a ride where I feel like I'm going backwards. It is best not to talk to me during this time or to try to pull me back up to the pack. I will most likely just fly off the back again.
  9. Road-tripping to races in Northern CA is fun. And the trip home is harder than the actual race since we drive back for work Monday.
  10. I can accomplish a lot more than I thought possible. These "AH HA" moments are awesome and sometimes indescribable.