Monday, October 20, 2008

The Tie

A common question I get is "What do you think about on those long rides?" Let's rewind to April for a minute here. Brian and I were riding through Rice Canyon and we saw a tie in the gutter. For the next 45 minutes we created an elaborate story as to how the tie had ended up on the side of a country road. Our final story involved a man who passionately hated his job and finally worked up the courage to quit. On his last day of work, feeling absolutely free for the first time in months, he ripped off his tie and tossed it out the window - carefree at last!

About a month later I was riding the same loop with my Dad and came upon the tie again. Brian wasn't on this ride and I decided it would make an awesome gift. I turned around, went back and stuffed said tie in my bike jersey for the journey back to Carlsbad. The gift (as I suspected - who WOULDN'T want a used tie with a great history?!!) was a great hit.

This weekend Brian's sister got married and the tie got to make its grand debut in the wedding.

Walking down the aisle I'm not sure which I was more excited about - seeing Brian so proud to give his sister away, or seeing how well Brian's tie went with Bethany's gorgeous dress.

The tie was thrown over Brian's shoulder for dinner and survived the evening unscathed. The chocolate cake even ended up on his white shirt rather than the tie!

So you want a few non-tie wedding pics? Wedding pictures generally speak louder than words, and Bethany and Josh's wedding was no exception. Probably the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.

This guy was my hot date. I even got him out on the dance floor with me. (I believe this hasn't happened since our own wedding when he had to do the "first dance.") Steven LOVES dancing.

The groom and I are dancing here - I'm not waving - that is dancing!

Brian has a little-known talent of guitar playing and I thought this was a perfect parting shot. Austin provided a great weekend of fun. We will be back!