Sunday, October 19, 2008

Austin's Greatness

So Austin has lived up to what everyone told me it would so far. Friday Brian and I went to check out the
Barton Springs pool. As one of the largest fresh water spring-fed pools in the world, it was pretty cool - literally - the chilly 68 degrees made sure that we swam fast. The diving board was also alluring and I managed a few twisting flips without killing myself - it's been a few years since my gymnastic and diving skills have been tested.

Roo had warned me that "everything is bigger in TX" and she was not joking. This is a SMALL iced tea. We also saw a rather gigantic snapping turtle when returning from the pool. Thankfully it was on the non-swimming side.

Everyone rides bikes here. Not just for fitness, but for transportation. This was the best sign I've ever seen! 

We visited Mellow Johnny's and this De Rosa is a shot for Baywatch Allan.

This is a shot of the groom (Josh), Brian and I. I must add it is also proof that I have a few instances in my life when I am not wearing spandex! (Few yes, but they do exist! There may even be a few more images captured at the wedding!)

This morning the wedding party ran a 10k. Being that I am 1 week away from Kona I didn't think it would be wise to race it. But then we got there and I realized it was a small race and I figured well, maybe I could just "cruise" it and place. So I cruised - until the last 1/2 mile when there were 2 girls ahead of me and my inability to turn off the competitiveness kicked in. The last 1/2 mile was the only part that reminded me I did an IM 7 days ago. 4th female (ummm, it's a small race, this is not that exciting), won my AG (this ended up being exciting because I won a $60 gift certificate to a sporting goods store) and a PR: 38:36. If I ever figure out that racing rested is a good idea I might be able to kill that one again someday. 

This is us pre-race. I do believe Brian commented at one point that being hung over is not the best way to race until he realized they were serving lasagna at the finish. Steven also mentioned that at one point he thought about sprinting, but also thought he might crap himself, so opted not to. They both also PRd. 

This is the wedding party - Josh and Bethany (bride and groom) are on the far right. Now THIS is an awesome way to begin your wedding day!