Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whoa . . . it's over?!

How does something you plan for all year long finish in the blink of an eye? I keep thinking I should be heading out the door to train, then realize Hey - it's off-season! I went to the pool today (mostly just to see my friends) and got out before the workout was over - just because I could!

The best part about Kona is not always the race. Sure, I love the race and it's the reason I ship my bike all the way across the ocean and spend crazy amounts of time training all year, but what I love more than the race is the fun I have with all my friends while I'm there. 

Forgetting about work and laundry and bills is something I wish we all did more often. In fact I have thought of moving to Europe just to capitalize on the summer vacation they partake of! Seriously - why do we not have siesta and take the whole month of August off here in the States?!

Tomorrow I leave for a wedding in Austin. Never been there before, so I'm sure I'll have great pictures to post from Texas! But I'll leave you with what I think is one of the most awesome shots Steven captured in Hawaii. Aloha!