Friday, October 24, 2008

Slowing Down

I am very talented at cramming as much as possible into the least amount of time possible. This is an excellent trait to have, except in the off-season.

Two things I really love, but don't do nearly enough are going for walks and sitting in coffee shops. Walking is great - but I always end up running instead. It's so much more efficient and it's fun to fly by everything! Oh and that endorphin high just rocks - walking produces none of that!

Coffee is a key food group in my book. I'm all for the daily soy latte (or 2). But I don't ever sit and do nothing while drinking it. I'm always amazed at the masses of people that can be found in the middle of the day at a cafe, sitting, talking, doing not much of anything. Don't these people work?! Don't they have things to do, places to go?

So I decided to try it in the off-season - the walk and the coffee shop doing-nothing experience.

The walk was nice. I noticed nice scenery, my heart rate stayed pretty low. It was not too difficult. The coffee experience lasted about 2 minutes and then I decided I had way too much to do at work and jetted out the door. Oh well, I tried!


forgingahead said...

I hear you! I walk to the train to get to work and it seems to take forever - but I haven't figured out how to break a sweat in work clothes and still arrive looking fresh and clean.

Have a great weekend!

Steve Stenzel said...

Coffee = gross.


But I agree with you on how walks can turn into runs. I'm the same way!

Enjoy the off season!!