Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hippie headbands and great golf

This weekend was the final cross country race (before the FINAL RACE) and - our (meaning my friends and I) annual par 3 golf tournament. YES - all of this in the SAME DAY!!!

Shortly after arriving at the cross country race Lisa informed me that Sergio had made matching hippie headbands for all the BSK teammates. Seriously, could there be better news?! 

Fast Brian, Lisa and I quickly decided we needed a photo of us "floating" in our hippie headbands. (Amazingly the 3 of us all have graduate degrees - surprising from this photo, no?!) We are jumping and NONE of us are off the ground. Lisa looks pretty normal, Brian's face just makes me laugh and me - I sadly just look like I'm about to pee my pants. 

So the actual race - I believe that for the first minute I was leading the race (for the girls) although it was pretty hard to tell since the course was a winding trail. This however quickly came to an end as Amanda Felder flew past with my teammate Alisa in tow. I tried to go with them, but my legs promptly told me NO!

Brian and I are both still blaming our positive splits on "that big race we did 2 weeks ago." I believe this might be the last week we're allowed to use that excuse, but people seem to still be buying it right now, so we're using it as long as we can. I finished 5th and the BSK women won - must have been those cool headbands!

Last year in the golf tournament Brian beat me by one stroke. I was determined to take the title away from him this year. (Side note: the main competition lies between Steven, Mark and Jeff. However, since Brian and I are not, shall we say - quite as skilled - we have our own competition.) 

I thought about practicing golf all year to prepare for this tournament and destroy Brian, but somehow that cycling thing kept taking away from my precious golfing time. And it showed in the tournament. The lack of preparation was my downfall. Mind you - Brian hadn't played since last year either and after the front 9 I was ahead by 4 strokes. However, a disastrous stream shot, a sad sand shot and 4-put were the end of me. I now owe Brian lunch.

This photo and a video of me hitting my ball out of a stream are the only evidence that I was actually on the golf course. I'm pretty sure Brian will remind me though - at least until I buy him lunch.