Thursday, October 9, 2008

Underpants and the privilege

So it's not every day you get to run through town in your underpants. The Kona underpants run was originally started to poke fun at the Europeans who love to wander around town in their speedos. JUST their speedos, oh and the occasional fanny pack. 

What I love about this picture is the diversity in underpants. Notice the gentleman in the front right of the image: tighty whities. The lion:  boxers. Wendy and I:  boy shorts underpants. The gentleman right between us: more of G-string. And the man to the left of me: sparkly purple undies. 

Wendy and I were the only ones brave enough in our group to prance around town in our skivvies. 

After the underpants run I went for a swim (more fun fish!) and then went to check in. The man who checked me in made a profound statement. "How neat it is that we live in a time when we can focus on preparing for and racing such a special event. This is a privilege!" He's absolutely right. 

To be able to have the time to train and the ability to focus on fun events such as an ironman, this is definitely a
privilege. There are many people who physically could not do this event, or circumstances beyond their control would not allow it. 

The afternoon consisted of wandering around in the heat at the expo to try to score some free schwag and then realizing it was much more relaxing to sit under a tree.

Steven and Jason went off on a golfing excursion and I decided it was time to get my bike back into one piece again. 

Chris helped me out. I'll let you decide for yourself what happened here, but I'll say that I'm quite sure I almost peed on the bike before the race even started because I was laughing so hard. 

I also love these pictures because we are indoors and for some reason I have my helmet on. 
Safety first!

A gift arrived from Laura (Thank you!!!!) Awesome shortbread macadamia nut chocolate dipped cookies. 

Tomorrow I check my bike in, and make the final preps - and then it's fun-time . . . race day!