Friday, October 10, 2008

Gobble, Gobble & here we go!

This turkey was in our yard this morning. At one point he came up on our deck. We also saw some Mongoose, which I am not talented enough (or fast enough) to capture pictures of.
Bike bag, special needs bag, I need new legs bags - these were all filled and quadruple checked. It is amazing to me how much time can be spent getting ready for a single event!

And I finally went and got rid of the bike. She's spending the night with all the other bikes. I told her to be nice. Some very nice local gentleman took me through transition and then asked me if I was married. 

So this is it - today I was nervous for the first time, and then I realized once again that it's JUST A RACE, and whatever happens tomorrow doesn't change who I am as a person. So now it's time to have fun! Next time I blog the 2008 season is OVER and I'm officially on vacation in Hawaii! Most excellent!


Maggs said...


Just found your blog from kathleens. Wasn't the 'private' tour of transition awesome! Good luck tomorrow

Christine Dammann said...

Hey Lady,
We checked on you yesterday and I am so impressed [once again!] by your awesomeness!! I hope you are happy with your performance, you should be!!! Have a great vacation in Hawaii, see you when you get back!