Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aloha from Kona . . . and THE BUG!

And we made it! After giving an exorbitant amount of money to the airlines to get my bike to Kona (but I promise boys - I'm over it!), flying north to San Francisco (who makes these flight plans? SF is NOT a straight shot to Kona!) and having our plane delayed several hours, we finally arrived! But the SF layover wasn't bad, as we saw MC Hammer in the airport! Oh yes, he was even blinged out, but sadly without his awesome 80's pants. My coach said it's a sign I'm supposed to drop the hammer this weekend. Ha ha!

The swiss chalet still rocks - pics tomorrow. We got some awesome food at Lava Java. Chris survived his Atlanta - Honolulu - Kona flight and joined us. Wendy gets props for longest flight today though: Dayton - Chicago - LA - Honolulu - Kona! The trooper somehow got into 1st class between Chicago and LA!

Steven and Brian went on a short run with me in the dark. And then one of the evening highlights took place. I was about to get some shampoo out of my bag when I noticed - THE BUG! Oh yes, this is not worthy of "non-caps." It was THE BUG! And THE BUG was having a party on . . . wait for it . . . yes, my toothbrush! I think I screamed and then started freaking out. Steven couldn't figure out what was going on. Chris and Brian rushed upstairs and soon we had a photography festival in the bathroom, including video of Charisa screaming and 3 boys running around like girls trying to get THE BUG off my toothbrush and out of the house. (I'll upload it to YouTube later so you can view that as well - it really is classic!) Lest you think we are wimpy and THE BUG wasn't worthy of all this fanfare, I've included a picture below!

And since I feel a little bad leaving you with a picture of THE BUG, I'm going to leave you with this shot - I took this from the car window on Alii drive. I love Hawaii!